Od McUb isn't really dead

I am only retired, the reports of my death have been perpetrated to create some sort of desire for my work.

Since my relatives have seen fit to steal from me all of my life's work and sold them off to the highest bidder.

On top of that they have seen fit to have me deported from my beloved adopted homeland, and sent to the most monsterous place they could think of.

Stranded and abandoned, and left for dead, I now have no choice but to use any devises left to me to enact my revenge.

One phase of my plan to resurface, is to take back my lifeswork that has been stolen from me by the immoral legal system. Just being declared insane should not render one from their hobbies and when art becomes a commodity, it WILL be time for me to die. So, I will be using these following pages to showcase some of the work I have done through the years. Only with a public display of my "insane noddlings" may I again be reconnected with my art. Enjoy yourself looking and reading a "madman's ravings".